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Pulp is growing to welcome Tomate & Risson, the corporate design consultancy created by Pierre Vanier 15 years ago.

Tomate&Risson is Pulp Groupe’s corporate branding arm.

This new addition will expand our consultancy and strengthen our expertise in visual identity, edition, web design and brand content. This evolution will enable our teams to respond even more effectively to brands’ and companies’ creative and strategic challenges.

Tomate & Risson, a ‘red’, spicy name that brings together a tomato and a hedgehog (‘hérisson’ in French) with a dash of humor. This name embodies the strength, energy and passion that drive the consultancy and its team of brand specialists who, though from different backgrounds, all share the same values and vision of their profession.

The consultancy began to make a name for itself in the early 2000s when it accompanied Décathlon, for which it created several passion brands: Géologic, Kalenji, Géonaute, and Aptonia. Tomate & Risson was recently selected by Auchan to overhaul its entire brand identity. The consultancy has also distinguished itself by working for large French companies spanning a broad range of sectors including health with Thuasne, industry with Gitane or Legrand, finance with Natixis, and even culture with the Île-de-France region.

“At Tomate & Risson, we’re extremely curious and that gives us the capacity to listen, exchange and understand each and every universe we approach. All of our work is based on genuine reflection – the culture of ideas is anchored within us. It’s essential, and is the central element around which we organize our work. Even if we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends in graphic language, we resist the temptation to use easy yet temporary trends. A brand must be a point of reference for the long-term!” Pierre Vanier

pierre vanier tomate&risson

Botanical design is growing!

Le design botanique pousse bien !

Ah, flowers, greenery, springtime. The delights of this season and the bucolic imagery it brings. Nature inspires us with ingredients, products, packaging, interior design,  fashion and even exhibitions. The green craze wins us over.

Dragon à deux têtes semi-aquatique et végétalA two-headed dragon, both semi-aquatic and green, by Alexis Tricoire at Docks.

Vila Flori et Aesop (Covent Garden, Londres)
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Culture Design Magazine by Pulp. Issue#2 is out!

Culture Design couverture 2016 et 2017

Every month in INfluencia, we discuss and share our views on the evolution of brands, markets, products and the places that catch our attention. This second issue of capitalize Design in 2017 brings together 8 of our best articles published in the webzine INfluencia. The idea behind this review is to continue sharing our passion for the brand universe and design packaging.

Culture Design 2016 et 2017

The topics that we cover depend on the desires, intuitions and questions we experience as designers. Challenges concerning branding, design packaging and product innovation arise on a daily basis – challenges that are critical to the success of your brands. This second issue was created to provide you with positive vibes and a healthy dose of inspiration. The last article in the review was written by Dream Catchers, our partner consultancy in Moscow. In it, we discover examples of branding and packaging from Russia and the CIS region from a surprising angle. Enjoy!

Sommaire Culture Design
Article Hashtag Foodporn Culture Design

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Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers, our partner in Moscow, is one of the very first Russian agencies to specialize in branding and packaging design. Founded in 2001 by Eduard Khatuev, the agency manages several leading brands in the consumer packaged goods sector.
Founded in 2004 by Nikolay Shoumkov and Edouard Khatuev, the agency manages several leading brands in the consumer packaged goods sector such as Mars, Pepsico, Henkel, Tikkurila, Valio, Baltika Carlsberg, L’Oréal and Yves Rocher.
Eduard Khatuev is a passionate leader with a strategic vision of brands and a strong expertise in the Russian market and CIS.
Our partnership enables our clients that are set up in this country- or on their way to being so – to benefit from a senior, multicultural team ready to guide them, create, and to make their projects a successful reality in a market that is complex and very codified.

BAIKAL Reserve
Eternal Values
Marketing platform – product design

Happiness has its taste!
Brand platform – illustration – branding packaging

Brand platform – package design – illustration – branding packaging

Marketing consultancy – illustration – branding packaging

Contact :
Paris/Moscou : Hervé Baralon : 01 58 57 22 28
Moscou/Paris : Eduard Khatuev : +7 (499) 748 06 86

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Sport and fashion: a street fight!

Sport et mode, le combat de rue

Hot on the heels of the era of selfies and running posts on Facebook, the Urban athletic look is influencing our everyday lives. It’s become the way of showing off and saying “look at how active I am”. Let’s crack the code…

Parcours de course

This trend is symptomatic of an era focused on the self, further enhanced by the ease of sharing every aspect of our daily lives on social media. Wearing Nikes at work, doing laundry in premium yoga pants, going clubbing wearing a bodysuit – sports are invading our wardrobes. We all remember Steve Jobs on stage in his New Balance presenting the latest iPhone. It’s the new young and stylish reality in an era of dynamic cool, normcore and active wear.

The evolution of sports brands

Sports brands were created around various types of sports and the technical aspects that help athletes achieve optimal performance. The rise of sports in the 20th century made it possible for these brands to expand across multiple sports and, by doing so, become multinational.

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When routine becomes sublime (2/2)

La routine devient sublime (suite)

Our everyday lives are design. We transform our routines into moments of pleasure and start our days with beauty in mind. The Internet, the playground of our era, is bursting with inspiration. We pick original ideas from all over, because they’re easily within our reach. Our imaginations is boosted and the overwhelming presence of democratized travel channels, the mix of cultures and globalization of different esthetics also influence this dynamic. Design is everywhere.

Packaging: treat yourself everyday

How can a toothpaste make us smile? How can a box of cookies make us feel warm? The industry of mass consumption is reinventing itself. Grocery shopping is no longer a chore but rather a moment of enjoyment: we buy products that we love, that seduce us at first sight. The simplest products are often the most unexpected. There’s a real need for satisfaction and continuous reward. Everything has to be appealing, and here is a quick look around the shelves.

Hygiène et entretien de la maison : styléPapier toilette sexy

Sexy toilet paper

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When routine becomes sublime (1/2)

La routine devient sublime

Our everyday lives are design. We transform our routines into moments of pleasure and start our days with beauty in mind. The Internet, the playground of our era, is bursting with inspiration. We pick original ideas from all over, because they’re easily within our reach. Our imagination is boosted and the overwhelming presence of channels democratized travel, the mix of cultures and the globalization of different  esthetics also influence this dynamic. Design is everywhere.

A/ Spaces & Lifestyle

1/ Airports & train stations: living galleries

We’re all working to make the world a more pleasant place. The communal spaces that we visit every day are being renovated to better serve public needs while also getting a new look that works in harmony with the immediate natural environment.

Nearly 100 Stockholm metro stations have been decorated with the works of a 150 artists (paintings, mosaics, sculptures, installations…). All in all, that’s over 100 km of artistic exhibition!

Aéroports & gares : galeries vivantes
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Brand Icons: shapes and uses

Icône de marque : formes et usages

Imagining the shape of your future product or trying to change the consumption patterns in your product category through its shape or its technology remains an extremely difficult task and does not always end with the expected success.

Innovation in the design form and function is a complex process. For the brand, it often involves associating a long list of competences. An innovation can come from either end of this list, the packaging line, R&D, marketing, industry, design, sales, logistics, or distribution.


The public, ever fond of innovation, is the only judge to validate and adopt this or that innovation or to change certain habits and behaviours. Tests help, to some extent, to push the launch button, but cannot guarantee an innovation’s success.

A single detail could transform a success into a complete failure or a short-lived trend with no future, though it was initially considered a brilliant idea. Using a few examples, let’s analyse the levers that secured the success of certain products or innovative uses at the time of their launch, and eventually got them to the Holy Graal of becoming Brand Icons.

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Taking care of yourself: the newest pervasive fad

Prendre soin de nous : nouvelle lubie généralisée

The age of Industrial Revolution is far behind us. Nowadays, it’s all about getting back to basics. We listen to ourselves more and demand only the best for our bodies. After all, we have to nourish our second brain: the digestive system.

The body is no longer a mystery; the Internet acessible books on the matter of our well-being help us better understand and manage our needs. The information is available everywhere. The classic, one-way message flow of “brand to consumer” is no longer valid. Consumers are increasingly responsible and take the time to research products before buying them. We are focused on prevention and this manifests in our plates so, logically, we are careful about what we eat. It’s a form of self-medication.

From “less” to “more”

The agri-food sector is following this trend and certain brands are moving into the healthy domain with simplicity and freshness, effectively abandoning tired clichés. A healthy diet is now rich, no-frills, and natural – far from the distant codes of a “science ready to save us”. And it appeals to everybody: male/ female segmentation has given way to discourse that is focused on well-being and centered on our bodies.

Major groups are now following suit. Kellogg’s is shifting its message from “slimness” to “nourishing”. Gone is the age of “skinny” and the bikini body tyranny! We’re evolving from restraint to well-being. Bjorg works on naturalness and indulgence.

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Hashtag #foodporn

Hashtag foodporn

Playing with food, creating a masterpiece with it… from esthetics to indulgence by way of dripping food and minimalism. Now more than ever, food is transcending its primary functions to become a form of creative expression.

In 2016, we no longer eat to live, but instead live to eat. Too much pressure, the economic crisis – we’re constantly trying to escape oppressive routine by treating ourselves to moments when we’re OFF; a break without deprivation. Enter the foodporn generation; the one that drools at the sight of food and spends its time looking at recipes, blogs (Tasty, Buzzfeed food), Masterchef… Food enthralls us. Welcome to the era of beauty and taste!
Exposition McCain
Hamburger Foodporn
Glace Foodporn

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