Imagining the shape of your future product or trying to change the consumption patterns in your product category through its shape or its technology remains an extremely difficult task and does not always end with the expected success.

Innovation in the design form and function is a complex process. For the brand, it often involves associating a long list of competences. An innovation can come from either end of this list, the packaging line, R&D, marketing, industry, design, sales, logistics, or distribution.


The public, ever fond of innovation, is the only judge to validate and adopt this or that innovation or to change certain habits and behaviours. Tests help, to some extent, to push the launch button, but cannot guarantee an innovation’s success.

A single detail could transform a success into a complete failure or a short-lived trend with no future, though it was initially considered a brilliant idea. Using a few examples, let’s analyse the levers that secured the success of certain products or innovative uses at the time of their launch, and eventually got them to the Holy Graal of becoming Brand Icons.

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