Nearly 100 yearsafter it was founded, the Scouts and Guides of France movement has redefinedits identity. Thanks to a new logo, the association has shed off its datedimage and is entering the 21st century. A creative design that expresses theresolutely modern values of the movement.

As its 2020 centenary approached, the Scouts and Guides of France movement, the first French Scouting association, re-evaluated its brand. Rooted in French heritage, it has over 85,000 members who are all committed to a highly contemporary educational project. However, despite all these advantages, its image suffers from prejudices and assumptions.

Changing the movement’s out-of-date image

Having led the fight for equality for many years, the association supports societal challenges by offering a space for collective expression, exemplary tolerance, spiritual awakening and curiosity about the world. Not forgetting, of course, contact with nature, the best possible playground for learning the values of sharing, humility and respect for the environment.

As part of this momentum and through an immersion – two days at the summer camps in Jambville and meetings with volunteers – Tomate&Risson (the corporate subsidiary of the PULP agency) redesigned the Scouts and Guides of France visual identity. The objective was to change the movement’s out-of-date image and reaffirm its openness to the world.

Working closely with the association’s communication team, the agency set itself different missions: formalising the brand’s strategic tools, shaping its visual identity, creating the brand signature and supportin gthe communication campaign, in partnership with the OpenSpace agency. The name of the game: trust, shared creativity and optimistic branding.

A visual identity focused on the future

The creative design work was intended to reshape the image of modern Scouting, rooted in the contemporary reality of society. The work on the visual identity was like a game, a fun system in which everyone was invited to participate, share, exchange ideas, come together, grow, campaign, help, laugh and experiment. In a word: exist.

A new design shape was consciously chosen. Goodbye to the fleur-de-lis and the trefoil, considered too elitist. The Scouts and Guides of France has a brand new logo, clearly signifying its desire for openness.

The new logo represents the unity of the movement: together we are stronger and more solid, going further and reaching higher. A raw design from which you can imagine a camp, track marks, a construction game or a coded language…

A whole visualterritory has been designed around this logo, to ensure the brand representsthe movement: joyful and colourful. Neither fixed nor rigid, it is alive andopen, easily accessible to every member.

The new identitywas revealed at the Annual General Meeting of the Scouts and Guides of Francein front of 1,500 volunteers on Saturday 25 May 2019. A positive, optimisticmessage for a movement that welcomes the future with open arms, holding up highthe values of a united, responsible world.