Every month in INfluencia, we discuss and share our views on the evolution of brands, markets, products and the places that catch our attention. This second issue of capitalize Design in 2017 brings together 8 of our best articles published in the webzine INfluencia. The idea behind this review is to continue sharing our passion for the brand universe and design packaging.

Culture Design 2016 et 2017

The topics that we cover depend on the desires, intuitions and questions we experience as designers. Challenges concerning branding, design packaging and product innovation arise on a daily basis – challenges that are critical to the success of your brands. This second issue was created to provide you with positive vibes and a healthy dose of inspiration. The last article in the review was written by Dream Catchers, our partner consultancy in Moscow. In it, we discover examples of branding and packaging from Russia and the CIS region from a surprising angle. Enjoy!

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