Hot on the heels of the era of selfies and running posts on Facebook, the Urban athletic look is influencing our everyday lives. It’s become the way of showing off and saying “look at how active I am”. Let’s crack the code…

Parcours de course

This trend is symptomatic of an era focused on the self, further enhanced by the ease of sharing every aspect of our daily lives on social media. Wearing Nikes at work, doing laundry in premium yoga pants, going clubbing wearing a bodysuit – sports are invading our wardrobes. We all remember Steve Jobs on stage in his New Balance presenting the latest iPhone. It’s the new young and stylish reality in an era of dynamic cool, normcore and active wear.

The evolution of sports brands

Sports brands were created around various types of sports and the technical aspects that help athletes achieve optimal performance. The rise of sports in the 20th century made it possible for these brands to expand across multiple sports and, by doing so, become multinational.

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