The age of Industrial Revolution is far behind us. Nowadays, it’s all about getting back to basics. We listen to ourselves more and demand only the best for our bodies. After all, we have to nourish our second brain: the digestive system.

The body is no longer a mystery; the Internet acessible books on the matter of our well-being help us better understand and manage our needs. The information is available everywhere. The classic, one-way message flow of “brand to consumer” is no longer valid. Consumers are increasingly responsible and take the time to research products before buying them. We are focused on prevention and this manifests in our plates so, logically, we are careful about what we eat. It’s a form of self-medication.

From “less” to “more”

The agri-food sector is following this trend and certain brands are moving into the healthy domain with simplicity and freshness, effectively abandoning tired clichés. A healthy diet is now rich, no-frills, and natural – far from the distant codes of a “science ready to save us”. And it appeals to everybody: male/ female segmentation has given way to discourse that is focused on well-being and centered on our bodies.

Major groups are now following suit. Kellogg’s is shifting its message from “slimness” to “nourishing”. Gone is the age of “skinny” and the bikini body tyranny! We’re evolving from restraint to well-being. Bjorg works on naturalness and indulgence.

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