Our everyday lives are design. We transform our routines into moments of pleasure and start our days with beauty in mind. The Internet, the playground of our era, is bursting with inspiration. We pick original ideas from all over, because they’re easily within our reach. Our imagination is boosted and the overwhelming presence of channels democratized travel, the mix of cultures and the globalization of different  esthetics also influence this dynamic. Design is everywhere.

A/ Spaces & Lifestyle

1/ Airports & train stations: living galleries

We’re all working to make the world a more pleasant place. The communal spaces that we visit every day are being renovated to better serve public needs while also getting a new look that works in harmony with the immediate natural environment.

Nearly 100 Stockholm metro stations have been decorated with the works of a 150 artists (paintings, mosaics, sculptures, installations…). All in all, that’s over 100 km of artistic exhibition!

Aéroports & gares : galeries vivantes
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