Our everyday lives are design. We transform our routines into moments of pleasure and start our days with beauty in mind. The Internet, the playground of our era, is bursting with inspiration. We pick original ideas from all over, because they’re easily within our reach. Our imaginations is boosted and the overwhelming presence of democratized travel channels, the mix of cultures and globalization of different esthetics also influence this dynamic. Design is everywhere.

Packaging: treat yourself everyday

How can a toothpaste make us smile? How can a box of cookies make us feel warm? The industry of mass consumption is reinventing itself. Grocery shopping is no longer a chore but rather a moment of enjoyment: we buy products that we love, that seduce us at first sight. The simplest products are often the most unexpected. There’s a real need for satisfaction and continuous reward. Everything has to be appealing, and here is a quick look around the shelves.

Hygiène et entretien de la maison : styléPapier toilette sexy

Sexy toilet paper

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