Alver is a “future food company” from Switzerland, created in 2016 by Mine Uran, a major global expert in protein food.

The intention of this passionate entrepreneur was to create everyday health food products based on a wonder of nature little known by the general public, a micro-algae that goes by the radiant name of golden chlorella.

In 2019, Alver decided to expand its growth and launch the product in France. We accompanied them in this endeavour, developing the brand platform and its design codes.

Launching a range of algae-based products, a food not often seen in French cupboards, was a huge challenge.

Our primary mission was to create impact and surprise to make this new offer appeal to consumers. The second, more educational objective was to make all the benefits of this superfood simple and quick to understand.

We designed bright, uncomplicated, fun graphics, creating a new language and a golden yellow protein code. The golden chlorella is systematically highlighted through a clear, attractive narrative system.”