Biologique Recherche

Founded in the late 1970s by a family of artisans and cosmetics experts, Biologique Recherche is the result of the passionate work of Yvan Allouche, a biologist, and Josette Allouche, his physiotherapist wife.

Their know-how, combined with a visionary approach to skincare, is behind one of the most spectacular successes in the beauty sector in recent years.

In 2007 (€5 million), two young entrepreneurs joined Biologique Recherche, along with Dr Philippe Allouche, the founders’ son.

In a little over ten years, they have established the brand in over 80 countries in key markets for cosmetics and medicine, and have made the Biologique Recherche method a global benchmark in the exclusive beauty sector (€40 million).

We have been supporting the company for ten years to build and develop the brand and its products.

We began with a brand platform, designed to establish the brand’s heritage and provide a framework for its future.

Next, we carefully revisited all the brand’s codes to make its spirit clearer and more contemporary.

We then spent a lot of time matching up the structure of the product range, the three steps of Biologique Recherche skincare and the design expression of the products.

We also worked to establish design platforms for Biologique Recherche skincare centres all over the world, as well as the brand’s digital universe.