ID Paint

Initiatives Décoration is a French company that has been manufacturing products to care for and restore antique furniture for 40 years. On the strength of this experience, the company diversified, developing a range of paints and coatings sold in DIY stores under the brand name Les Décoratives.

Since then, the company has continued to innovate, putting numerous decorative effects such as concrete, metallic and glittery finishes within everyone’s reach. It is the leading brand for decorative coatings and paints in France. Having very recently joined the Océinde group, the brand – rechristened ID – wanted to adopt a new image.

We worked on a visual identity that takes its inspiration from the graphic codes of interior design magazines. Treated like a title, the logo was designed to evoke the movement of spreading a substance downwards, of applying successive layers of paint.
All ID’s media have been designed in a magazine style: carefully crafted page layouts, beautiful full-page photos, thoughtfully chosen typefaces, etc. ID boldly stands out from the competition, adopting a more restrained and aesthetic look that remains extremely effective.


% French


self-evident letters


instant commercial success