Imoca 60 – Charal

Charal, one of the top French food brands, has always been a pioneer in innovation and communication.

In 2017, a new brand platform and new signature, “vivons fort!” (Live life to the full!), were launched. Sailing was identified as the key media to showcase this strategy. Charal teamed up with skipper Jérémie Beyou and his team to launch the IMOCA 60 Charal.

• Project realized with Désigne •

We were charged with designing the yacht’s livery, with the challenge of having the boat fully embody the brand and the message it conveys, rather than just ‘wrap’ it. We picked out the key identifying elements in the visual world of Charal to orientate our work: the bull, placed on the prow of the boat, was a nod to the ships of old that bore splendid sculpted figureheads to bring them luck and embody their power.
For the IMOCA Charal, it is the symbol of combativeness and courage which will serve Jérémie Beyou in competing the major offshore races. The brand’s language has been carefully considered, like a roar, “mmm” and “vivons fort” (Live life to the full) can be seen when the beast charges at full speed, creating a connection and complicity with spectators.


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in the Transat Jacques Vabre