Welcome to Tomate & Risson!.

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:pulp is growing to welcome Tomate & Risson, the corporate design consultancy created by Pierre Vanier 15 years ago.

Tomate&Risson is :pulp groupe’s corporate branding arm.

This new addition will expand our consultancy and strengthen our expertise in visual identity, edition, web design and brand content.

This evolution will enable our teams to respond even more effectively to brands’ and companies’ creative and strategic challenges.

Tomate & Risson, a ‘red’, spicy name that brings together a tomato and a hedgehog (‘hérisson’ in French) with a dash of humor. This name embodies the strength, energy and passion that drive the consultancy and its team of brand specialists who, though from different backgrounds, all share the same values and vision of their profession.

The consultancy began to make a name for itself in the early 2000s when it accompanied Décathlon, for which it created several passion brands: Géologic, Kalenji, Géonaute, and Aptonia. Tomate & Risson was recently selected by Auchan to overhaul its entire brand identity.

The consultancy has also distinguished itself by working for large French companies spanning a broad range of sectors including health with Thuasne, industry with Gitane or Legrand, finance with Natixis, and even culture with the Île-de-France region.