Snatt’s is the healthy snacking brand from Grefusa, a Valencia-based company in the Intersnack group.

PULP breathed new life into this brand over ten years ago and has also worked on its recent rebranding so that, from its leadership position, it can respond to developments in the sector and continue to be a dynamic player.

One of the objectives of the redesign was to increase visibility of the range on the shelves, without sacrificing brand recognition or the transmission of its essential values: taste, naturalness, quality and modernity. The logo was redesigned to increase its presence and visual strength, while the graphic elements were simplified to generate more impact.
Another challenge was managing the architecture of the portfolio: very different product families, with specific value propositions, that needed to maintain overall consistency to guarantee brand identification. Our solution: a solid, accessible structure, with visual and verbal order.

A new global identity, enjoyable and complicit, to establish Snatt’s as the new healthy brand.