Although the brand is a multi-centenary institution with a relatively classic expression, its offbeat English style and freedom to invent new sensory experiences is still very much alive and kicking.

Keen to invest in the new ultra-gourmet tea segment, Twinings asked us to brand these new, deliciously surprising recipes.

The design challenges of this new range were to go beyond the brand authenticity and expertise to reveal a bold, creative personality.

Reflecting the happy, natural trend, the identity of this new range was designed to tickle the taste buds.

The key central visual, enhanced by vibrant, contrasting backgrounds, structures the range and expresses the ultra-intensity of the flavours.
The depiction of the fruit in movement expresses a maximum of sensations, creating a very striking graphic identity.

Gently and elegantly, these new teas have developed the Twinings brand image, making it more pleasurable, emotive and modern.

“The range has performed extremely well and has found a target public of 1.4 million buyers, plus 500,000 new tea consumers with a younger profile than the current average. This launch has significantly contributed to our growth in market share, in a declining category.” Samia, Twinings marketing manager

Samia, Twinings marketing manager


months of teamwork


extra market penetration for the brand