Vendée Globe

Vendée Globe is currently the only single-handed, non-stop, round the world yacht race.

On 26 November 1989, 13 sailors departed for the first edition of this now legendary race. Known to the public as the “Everest of the seas”, 167 competitors have taken part in the eight editions of this extraordinary race and only 89 have reached the finishing line.

This figure in itself expresses the extreme difficulty of this worldwide event, in which lone sailors are confronted by glacial cold, outsize waves and the heavy skies that sweep across the southern hemisphere. More than anything, Vendée Globe is a journey to the end of the seas and the limits of your endurance, a test of the greatest sailors.

• Project realized with Désigne •

Agence branding pack design Paris - Pulp design
For the 9th edition, the organisation committee asked us and our friends from Rennaise Designe to create an identity to highlight the event.

Summing up the energy of this incredible event, inspiring the public and making them want to join the adventure, creating impact and visibility for the whole of the spectator route, managing the brand architecture with sponsors from all media was a complex, passionate challenge.
As huge fans of the “Vendée”, we met this challenge with a powerful design that gives a breath of fresh air and energy to the greatest open seas race!
Agence branding pack design Paris - Pulp design
Agence branding pack design Paris - Pulp design
Agence branding pack design Paris - Pulp design


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