In 2005, Decathlon invited us to take part in a call for tenders to design the visual identity for their future running shoes brand.

The brief was fascinating, as the brand is called “Kalenji” after the Kalendjins, a famous Kenyan mountain tribe known for being exceptional runners. We didn’t hesitate for a second. Our artistic director flew off to Nairobi and, after a day in a 4X4, spent a week with these famous runners.

He brought colours, sketches, conversations, laughter and the incredible landscape back to the agency, and set to work with his team of creatives.

Once all these elements were in place, the meaning came together and we designed a visual identity for Kalenji based on a logo that very precisely follows the line of an athletics track.
A freer line extends into the centre of the track like a path tailing off into a landscape on a crimson red background, reminiscent of a stadium track and the African soil, underlined by a distinctly sporty typeface.

The formal language of the brand logo expresses a distinctive, dynamic visual identity.


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