The Maison Allaire: a savoir-faire in the preparation of steamed vegetables that has existed for more than 60 years. We were asked to redefine its branding. The goals: to boost the brand and its offer, to emphasize its commitment to quality and naturalness, and to recreate the bond with consumers.

The agency partnered with Allaire for this renaissance, to ensure its becoming the “taste” reference in its category, with a unique positioning and an engaged personality.

Creation of a strong transversal and recognizable structure: authentic wood material, the brand that presents its product, a banner for the product color reference that brings visibility, modernity, and differentiation of the recipes. The identity is brought to life across the full range of packaging with a confident visual strategy: present the product itself along with a suggestion for how to enjoy it and convey the notions of pleasure and everydayness. The emphasis on the organic offer is made through the color codes and the choice of styling.

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