“In accordance with the objective, the new logo better activates the dimensions of the image that the company desires: innovation, modernity, and dynamism.”

IFOP Study june 2014 – representative sample of 400 people

The brand Auchan is one of the world’s leading companies in the distribution sector. Its logo, created by Michel Disle, has remained unchanged for 32 years! In 2014, Auchan asked us to update the logo to give it more modernity and dynamism.

It was important to rely on the strong elements of the logo: the red, the green and the bird in the A. We made subtle changes to this logo, which is internationally recognized and appreciated. And that was a fascinating task for our team: to achieve modernity without rupture. The Auchan logo’s evolution has been accompanied by a new global visual identity. These new graphic codes have been compiled in a brand chart and applied all over the world.