Elle & Vire


Elle & Vire has specialized in cream for more than 60 years. It is a brand with a renowned savoir-faire, both in France and abroad. The challenge of the redesign was to give a new impetus to this historical brand, to give it new meaning and to reaffirm its added value in the category while also clarifying and structuring its global offer.

Its Normandy origins, dairy savoir-faire, excellent products, pleasure and modernity guided our creation of the new identity of the creams.

A transversal branding architecture: a powerful and pure “block mark” if we’re talking logotype to ensure impact and recognition and firmly establish its Normandy origins. An innovative visual approach to the category in question resulting in close-up imagery that sublimates the cream itself and encourages an understanding of its texture, eliciting even more sensoriality and desire.

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