San Marco

Il vero gusto italiano

San Marco, the Segafredo group’s coffee brand, is part of the long tradition of Italian master roasters. A brand rich in history, it needed to be redefined in the context of everyday life and in the minds of consumers. The goal: to modernize the brand by focusing on its identity, its history and Italy.

San Marco logo avant et après

The result is branding that capitalizes on values of audacity, excellence and refinement. The emblem of the brand, Michelangelo’s famous drawing symbolizing creation, is elevated to the status of an icon. More genuine and confident, it highlights and structures the identity as a whole, thereby ensuring the impact and recognition of the brand.


San Marco gamme de produit


The brand has been updated to appeal to modern tastes and purchasing habits, with an expanded offer in the category of capsules, pods and premium coffee, while still maintaining its original DNA. As such, the range of capsules has been developed by capitalizing on its Italian origin: a product concept by city and a naming accompanied by storytelling that expresses the unique quality of each coffee.