A green delight!

Sojade, a part of the Tiballat group, is the European reference for the ultra-fresh plant-based market. Pulp has revamped the whole offer: more than 70 yogurts, drinks, cream desserts and other plant-based specialities distributed in France and abroad.

So Soja

The goal of the redesign: to increase preference for the brand in order to maintain its leadership in an ever expanding network.


The levers: personality, impact, simplicity, appeal and modernity. The branding has been revisited with a block mark in order to reveal it’s essence. Naming and a segmentation by vegetable (So Soja*, So Riz*, So Chanvre*) were developed from a simple and quick read of the offer and its scope, thereby inciting consumers to navigate the various product ranges. A strong color code, already present in the brand, to ensure impact and recognition. A visual approach based on a bird’s eye view that evokes a new state of mind: So Sojade!
* Soy * Rice * Hemp

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